There are a lot of weight loss programs out there. MetaLife stands out because (as its name hints) it is designed to help you create “metabolism for life”. That’s right, this is not a “lose 10 pounds and done” program. This is a scientifically-tested, natural and long-lasting weight management solution that guides you to make an overall shift to better eating habits, regular exercise, and reduced stress.

In fact, it’s so successful in creating behavioral and lifestyle changes, MetaLife is fully certified by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) as a diabetes prevention program. 

On top of this, your entire journey through the program is closely monitored by your personal health coach! This ensures you are only losing fat – not muscle – which is key to sustaining weight loss over time. Ready to get started?

The Many Benefits of MetaLife

Gain Energy

Sleep Better

Reduce Cravings

Decrease Pain

Improve Mood

Restore Hormone Balance

Achieve Lasting Weight Loss