Program Comparison

MetaLife is designed to achieve long-term weight loss by ensuring muscle mass is preserved during the program. Most programs consist of low calorie, low protein and low fat diets that cause severe cravings, low energy and loss of muscle tissue. This combination is not only going to cause you to gain more weight in the long run, but is very dangerous.

Let’s break down the many misconceptions associated with popular weight loss program:

Low Calorie Diets

Reducing caloric intake to very low levels will cause your body to believe it is starving. It will also lower your metabolism which lowers your body’s ability to burn fat. This creates the well known rebound weight gain after most weight loss programs.

Low Protein Diets

There is no way of knowing if your body is burning fat or muscle on a low protein diet, unless you monitor it. MetaLife is the only weight loss system that tests body composition on a weekly basis. This ensures you are losing fat (not muscle), and your results are not only quick… but long term.

Low Fat Diets

Low fat diets usually mean high sugar diets. This causes weight gain versus weight loss, and increases your risk of diabetes, inflammation and pain. Low fat diets also cause hormone imbalances creating fatigue, insomnia, mood disorders and lack of sex drive.

MetaLife Is Comprehensive & Cost Effective

MetaLife is a clinically-effective program for long-term weight loss, but is also the most comprehensive program and cost effective. Below is a comparison against two of the most popular weight loss programs on the market.

South Beach



Supplements Included

Food Plan Based on Fresh Food

Weekly Support

Doctor Managed

Lab Testing Included

Uses Advanced Body Composition Unit