Protein Foods

High Protein, Low Fat Foods
(15g protein and 0-5g fat per serving) 1 Unit Protein

Beef Steak (Select or Choice grades): Sirloin, Top Round, Eye of Round, Bottom Round, Top Sirloin 2-2.5 oz. (cooked weight)
Chicken, Hen, Turkey (white meat no skin) 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Pork Tenderloin 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Egg Substitutes, Plain 1⁄2 cup
Egg Whites 4 whites
Fish: (fresh, frozen, canned in water) Catfish, Cod, Flounder, Haddock, Halibut, Pollock, Swai, Tilapia, Trout, Tuna 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Game: Buffalo, Duck, Ostrich, Pheasant (no skin), Rabbit, Venison 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Low-Fat Deli Meats: (shaved or minimally processed): Beef, Ham, Turkey 2 oz.
Peak Protein: 2 scoops
Shellfish: Clams, Crab, Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp 2 oz. (cooked weight)

High Protein, Medium Fat Foods
(15g protein and 6-10g fat per serving) 1 Unit Protein & 1/2 Unit Fat

Beef: Flap, Filet Mignon (Chateaubriand or tenderloin), Porterhouse, Skirt, New-York Strip Ground Round, Roast 2-2.5 oz. (cooked weight)
Fish: (fresh, frozen, canned in water) Salmon, Sardines, Herring 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Veal: Lean Chop, Roast 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Pork Chop 2.5 oz. (cooked weight)
Tofu* 3/4 cup
Tempeh* 1/2 cup
Natto* 1/2 cup

* All soy products must be non-GMO or organic, **also add 1/2 Unit Carb for Tempeh and Natto

High Protein, High Fat Foods
(15g protein and 10-15g fat per serving) 1 Unit Protein & 1 Unit Fat

Bacon: Pork, Turkey (limit of 1 serving per day) 4 slices
Beef: Corned, Ground, Meat Loaf, T-bone, Rib-eye (rib roast, prime rib), Prime & Short Rib 2-2.5 oz. (cooked weight)
Eggs: 2 whole
Lamb: Ground, Rib Roast 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Pork: Sausage, Spareribs 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Sausage: Italian, Polish 2 oz. (cooked weight)
Seeds: Chai seeds/meal, Hemp seeds/meal 3 tbsp